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Monday, June 18, 2018
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Children's Quizzing

 Quizzing 2017 -2018
    Follow Dr. Digalot and Canteen the Camel on an exploration through Matthew.  
    Each week kids will discover a new dig site, read and expert from Dr. Digalot's Diary, discover ATRI-FACTS,
    solve puzzles in Canteen's Corner, and much more.   
Q. What is Children's Quizzing?
A. It is a Bible study intended for children ages 6-12 or in 1st-6th grade.      
     Each study has 20 lessons (called Dig Sites) dedicated to the study of an
     entire book(s) of the Bible. This Bible study provides the body of information  
     that is used as the basis for children's quizzing competition.
Q. What are the books in the Children's Quizzing Bible Study Series?
A. Studies in Matthew (2017-18)
     Studies in Acts (2018-19)
     Studies in Genesis (2019-20)
     Studies in Exodus (2020-21)
     Studies in Joshua, Judges, and Ruth (2021-2022)
     Studies in 1 & 2 Samuel (2022-2023)
Q. What is the theme of study of Matthew?
          A. Go and Make Disciples is the theme for Studies in Matthew.  
               Through inductive Bible Study and fun activities, Dr.
              Digalot and Canteen "time wrap" back to Bible times and travel
              with Jesus as He teaches about the Kingdom of God. 
              Kids will learn the importance of following Jesus and
              sharing their faith with others.  Along the way, Dr. Digalot and
              Canteen discover all Jesus did for us!!
Q. Who are Dr. Digalot and Canteen the Camel?  
A.  They are the mascots for Children's Quizzing.  Each study has it          
      own theme and fictional story line that feature Dr. Digalot and            
      Canteen.  The mascots are displayed throughout the leader's guide      
      and student books and the entire Children's Quizzing line.  
Q. How do I learn more about quizzing in the Defiance Church of the Nazarene?
A. Contact Randy Rue at the church..... 419-782-7491